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The Dutch Siberian Husky Breed club. Organises no sled dog races.


The Dutch Sled Dog sport organisation for pure bred sled dog races only


Other Dutch Sled Dog clubs

Sledehonden Sport Club NL: http://www.scc-nl.info

Dutch All-round Sled-dog Club: http://www.dassc.nl

The Swiss Polar Dog breed club was the first to organise a sled dog race in Europe outside Scandinavia. They still do.


German Polar Breed Club organises races limited for purebred sled dog breeds as well.


The UK Breed Club for Siberian Huskies which organises sled dog races as well.


The Norwegian Siberian Husky Breed Club. Organises one sled dog race limited for purebred dogs per year.


The Siberian Husky Club of America is officially acknowledged worldwide as the organisation responsible for the breed standard etc., as the Siberian Husky is an American Breed


This site gives you a complete list of all the Siberian Husky Breed clubs in the United States.


The Swiss Club which organises races for all sled dog breeds, non purebreds as well.


These sites will give you all the pedigrees of all Siberian Huskies that have ever been bred and lived.

http://www.pawvillage.com & http://www.worldpedigrees.com


On this page you will find links to a number of Siberian Husky breed and sled dog sport clubs in Europe and America...