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Naturally he feels me looking at him, the way he lies curled up asleep in the snow.

He fascinates me. And moves me. Yet again.

In the joy of the moment I experience all of the charm and origin of the breed again.

Slowly he lifts his beautiful head from beneath his tail. Without hesitance he finds at me, sitting on the windowsill.

A glance. A twitching ear. A soul moment together.

My Siberian...

my husky...

my sled dog...

Els van Lierop.

The name of the dog is: Mikkisok Tiryaniack. Owner: Edi Habegger.
Drawing made by Johann van Rossum with the picture by Ernst Müller as reproduced above.


Here you will find interpretations of how various artists saw the Siberian Huskies of our time.

Johann van Rossum is one of the foremost artists in his field. His creativity grew from involvement with Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes.

The work of Jon van Zyle is famous the world over. His Iditarod posters and publications are as Alaskan as they come.

The work of David Todden also speaks for itself. The Anadyr dogs and teams feature in many of his paintings and watercolours.

The work of other artists inspired by the breed and sled-dog sport.