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Dutch Clubs and Kennels

The history of sled-dog sport in the Netherlands and Central Europe is explained on the Kennels EU page, and many Dutch mushers and kennel owners played an important part in the founding and organisation of the sport in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Often they travelled widely to participate in races and competitions, throughout Europe.  

Details of these Dutch mushers and their kennels can be found here

Below is a historic photo of many of the most important people that founded the Siberian Husky breed and sport in the Netherlands.

The Dutch mushers and their handlers that participated in the
European Championships in Tannheim, Austria in 1981.

Standing left to right:

Klaas Stapert (Navarana Kennels); Ton Schild (Kamtchatka); Frans Willemse; Jan van Vliet (Saskylakh); Wim Dupré (Charvak); Aad Hekkers (Konetaiv); Hans Bos (Chenok); Lau van Leeuwen (Kolyma); Rik Schaafstal (Rijiska); Siep de Ruiter; Gerard Krabbendam;  Titus Kleinsma; Leo den Ouden (Severnoi Zemli); Leo van Pieterson (Ilaranaitok); Ad van der Wiel.

Sitting left to right:

Jikke Schaafstal; Els van Lierop; Yvonne van Vliet; Ineke Schild; Marijke Hekkers; Nel Schouten; Karin Bos; Lenie van der Broek & Wob Schaafstal; Nel van Pieterson; Mieke Dupré; Loes Stapert; Mevr. Kleinsma & child; Gryte Schaafstal; Adry Voorbach; Annemarie van der Wiel.