Kolyma Kennels

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Over the years we published a number of articles about our dogs, the breed and their history. This page contains links to some of those articles and publications...

General articles concerning the breed and sport:

The Siberian Husky - an article originally published in three parts in the Dutch De Hondenwereld magazine (1968) is reproduced here

Articles concerning Kolyma Kennels:

The first advertisement ever published about the Kolyma Kennels, in the Christmas issue of the Dutch De Hondenwereld magazine in 1968 is reproduced here

Articles about individual dogs:

An article about my dog Malchek - read here

My New Book - just published, sharing with you my personal life with the breed I was privileged to introduce to Europe, my book republishes many of the articles I wrote at the time when were breeding, training and racing our dogs in the Open Class.